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Accessing New Data & Features in the Racial Wealth Equity Database

National Partners

The Black Wealth Data Center is partnering with National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) to invest in improving select cities’ access to neighborhood-level data sources and provide assistance in applying the data to understanding and informing actions to support the wealth accumulation of Black families, communities, and businesses.

Data Kind

The Black Wealth Data center is partnering with DataKind in a program supported by Google.org to develop a tool that will help Black entrepreneurs access Small Business Administration (SBA) funding. The partnership will harness the Black Wealth Data Center’s Racial Wealth Equity Database to develop a tool that will facilitate easy access to SBA loan opportunities for Black businesses.


The Black Wealth Data Center has partnered with Urban Institute to create content, tools, methods, and examples to support measuring different dimensions of wealth equity. Urban Institute has contributed insights and materials to the Resource Library and will use the Racial Wealth Equity Database to analyze data and produce research.

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If you’d like to partner, volunteer, suggest additional datasets, or have ideas on how we can enhance our content, please get in touch with us.